Facebook rolls out automated lead generation in messenger

Facebook is launching automated lead generation, that lets businesses qualify leads in messenger and continue the conversation in their most popular channel.

This feature is intended to be utilized in conjunction with click-to-Messenger ads that triggers conversations between businesses and Facebook users.

After tapping on a click-to-Messenger ad, users undergo an automatic series of queries that can be answered with pre-filled or free form responses.

The automatic system is additionally designed to follow-up by sending reminders to users if they don’t complete the queries.

Businesses can integrate messenger with their CRM supplier so as to capture data provided by customers and identify qualified leads. Then, Pages can manually continue the conversation through Pages Inbox, Pages Manager App, or a third-party live chat supplier.

Facebook says businesses are seeing results from nurturing leads in messenger and continuing the conversation with potential leads in their most popular channel.

“RIFT Tax, a UK-based financial services company, used lead generation in messenger to extend its client base of armed forces members—increasing qualified leads by 42%. By following up with leads in messenger, RIFT Tax was able to respond in no more than 10 minutes and achieved an 18 higher lead resolve rate versus phone.”

Lead generation in messenger presents a chance for businesses to attach with customers in a manner that’s straightforward and convenient for each party.

Facebook cites a study that shows over 61 of individuals surveyed across the U.S.A., UK, Brazil, and India agree electronic messaging is the best, most convenient way to contact a business.

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