Useful Freeware Tools

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Useful Freeware Tools

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26 Aug 2014, 01:11 #1

I have found that when using a computer a lot, especially at home, you will run into situations where you will need specific tools to do certain things. This post lists some of these tools that I have FOUND TO BE SAFE TO USE.

***Please read: If you have a serious issue with your system, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Allow the technicians here to walk you through the issue and fix it correctly. I use these tools for more preventive maintenance and information purposes than anything else.

1) Malwarebytes Anti-malware:
Useful tool to remove and locate malware
2) Superantispyware-
Another tool useful for detecting and removing malware from your system.
3 ) Speccy-
The best tool I've found for finding out system information and system drivers.
4) Revo Uninstaller- ... nload.html
The best all-around uninstaller I've found. Also removes traces of programs from the registry.
5) Fences- This is the older first edition. The newer edition is a pay program. ... fences.cfm
Great tool for organizing your desktop. Fully customizable.
6) Microsoft Security Essentials- ... alnk=title
A good anti-virus and internet protection tool.
7) FastStone Image Viewer-
A really good tool for editing and cropping photos and pictures.
8) Regseeker-
Not a big believer in registry tools, but this is a good one if you are looking for certain entries.
9) Drive Booster- ... oster.html
This is the best, and safest, tool I have found for updating out of date drivers.
10) Ccleaner- ... ndard.html
Last but certainly not least, this tool can be used to clean your system of temp files and other junk. It also has a Startup tool, a *registry cleaner, and a system restore function.

Again, these are tools to prevent issues or find out more info about your system, not to cure Virus infections or other serious problems.
I also try to avoid downloading anything from CNet and SoftTonic.
Major Geeks seems to be one of the safer download sites to me.


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31 Aug 2014, 10:37 #2

southerngq has posted a number of useful links to software.

We use many of them - some I have not tested.

Security Essentials Antivirus is mentioned.
This used to be highly recommended - but it seems to have lost a little of its standing.
Check with Starbuck here before you decide to install it.

Do not have 2 AVs on your system at any one time.

CCleaner is another useful piece of software.
It does have a Registry Cleaner option.
This is NOT recommended by us. On no account play around with the Registry.
You could end up with a machine that will not boot up.

If you are unsure regarding any download the simplest thing to do is ask :)
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Absolutely, as stated by me and KenB above, these tools are primarily for preventive maintenance on your system. They are good tools, but are only as effective as the person using them.

*Don't attempt to use them if you are not familiar with the outcome.

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21 Sep 2014, 15:50 #4

I've found Belarc Advisor handy at listing software and hardware installed on the computer, it also lists missing security updates etc.

In addition I have Recuva installed on my computer. This program can be used to recover accidentally deleted files. Always a good idea to install it before you need it, because the act of installing it or saving any other file on your computer after an accidental deletion may overwrite the area of the hard drive where the file was previously located, thus making recovery impossible.

Many others out there, some of which I have on my machine, good list of what's available on
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